Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dartman's Advent Calendar 2010: Day 21

Today we get to hear one of the smoothest Christmas innuendos ever put on wax. It's a record that is featured prominently in my juke box at home. It's by a band called The Lancers. In 1954 they released this classic holiday track that was also covered by Lawrence Welk and his Orchestra. It's called "I Want To Do More Than Whistle (Under The Mistletoe)". It's amazing to think that this quaint little ditty hides a hidden meaning that is not so hidden. It's even more amazing to think that this not so hidden agenda made it's way onto the air waves at a time when the censors tried to stop everything! Here it is for your enjoyment! One last note - the artist is mis-labled on the file as the Leveleers. I have no idea why I did that. Perhaps an early morning or late night rip. Enjoy!

The Lancers - I Want To Do More Than Whistle

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for all the great posts!

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