Thursday, January 26, 2012


I remember the first Happy Meal. It came out in conjunction with Star Trek The Motion Picture and was called a Star Trek Meal. I remember being so excited to get one. Mine was the one that had the transporter on the box. I kept that box forever. I don't know whatever happened to it. I think my parents finally threw it away years later. It was the coolest thing ever. And then came the Happy Meal and the rest is history. Here's a commercial for that super cool meal from way back when. Enjoy!


Dex1138 said...

I remember getting one of these too. I got one of the blue plastic rings:

At that age I still didn't really know what Star Trek was except for a really boring movie I thought I would like.

Lacey said...

I still have the boxes.
I figured that in time they would become collectible. Went on eBay last week and you can find them for $5.

Oh well.

Thanks for the memories.

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