Thursday, January 05, 2012

Jerry Lewis Dishes It Out To Count Basie

This is one of my all time favorite things in the world. My wife hates it. I think it's brilliant. I once saw a college band play it live to the film at a club in LA. The great, Emil Richards was sitting in with them. It was pretty cool.


Rich said...

On the whole, I find Jerry Lewis grating, annoying and unfunny, with only occasional flashes of brilliance. This is one of those flashes, and is my favorite thing he ever did. I had forgotten about it until you posted this, and I can't thank you enough.

Anonymous said...

very funny thanks

Anonymous said...

The Errand Boy is one of my favorite Jerry Lewis movies. that and "Who's Minding The Store"
- Jez

Dreemfinder said...

Genius... You should also seek out the Family Guy version of this wherein Peter does the exact same routine.

RadioWizard said...

Was never real interested in Mr. Lewis, but this is very funny indeed.
Thanks for posting, Dartman.

Bobby Waters said...

I have never seen this before. I generally like Jerry Lewis but this I hope to never see again. (I agree with your wife....sorry.)

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