Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gilda Is On The Air

I love Gilda Radner. I sooo wish she was still around. She never ceases to make me smile no matter what I watch that features her. In 1979 Gilda fulfilled a life-long dream to be on Broadway when she performed "Gilda Live" at the Winter Garden Theater. It was filmed and recorded and a year later it was released as an album and a film. Around that same time, Warner Brothers released a radio special to local stations across the country to promote the film. Since the LP was the way things were done back then, the radio stations received the album in the mail and then basically played it on the air, giving their listeners a "special event" to listen to. That album lovingly sits in my collection and I share it with you now. Here is that great interview with the wonderful, Gilda. Enjoy!

Warner Brothers Gilda Radner Interview Album


phil said...

I loved her, and I miss her too.

Anonymous said...

The movie "Gilda Live" is finally avaialble on DVD through Warner Archive Collection:,default,pd.html?cgid=

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