Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cheap Trick Changes Positions

I know The Rolling Stones have been called "The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World" but for my money, I think that title should go to Cheap Trick. Don't get me wrong, I love the Stones and I think they are great. But Cheap Trick just oozes Rock And Roll from their pores. No matter what they do, it rocks! I discovered Cheap Trick in the early days of MTV. The first song I ever heard by them was their hit, "She's Tight". It's still one of my all time favorites. In 1983, my Godfather sent me a Walkman as a birthday present. It was one of the originals and it was awesome. I ran out and purchased a slew of cassettes, one of which was Cheap Trick's latest (at the time), Next Position Please. This tape was constantly running in that Walkman and it served as a soundtrack to my life for the next year. To this day, I know every word to every song in their exact order. Since that time, I have purchased the album on vinyl and CD. In fact, it was the second CD I ever purchased (the first being Monkees Live 1967). As with most CD releases in the early days of the format, there wasn't a lot of remastering done. It was basically a thin sounding version of the album. Fans have waited patiently for years to see a better version. In 2006, an awesome sounding CD was released in Japan. Still, nothing here in the states. NPP was recently rereleased on a CD alongside another Cheap Trick release, "One On One". (another great album that also features, "She's Tight") However, the sound is the same as the original CD release and the bonus tracks that were once "cassette only" are missing. Luckily, I was able to snag a copy of the Japanese remaster from 2006. I recently listened to it again and just fell in love with it one more time. I present it for you today. Here is Cheap Trick with "Next Position Please". Enjoy!

Cheap Trick-Next Position Please (2006 Japanese Remaster)

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