Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Would You Believe A Comic Book?!

For the new year I have made a resolution that I will watch a complete season of a random show every month. For the first month, I chose season one of "Get Smart". I first came to love this show when it was in reruns during the day. I remember having to go to kindergarten as soon as it was over every day. I watched it all the time and loved it! I also am the proud owner of a few original copies of the "Get Smart" comic book. Today I share one of those with you now. Here is the very first issue of that comic book released by Dell publications in 1966. Enjoy!

Get Smart Issue #1

PS - If you enjoy "Get Smart", stay tuned to the blog for a brand new feature that will start with a "Get Smart" episode. More to come on that later . . .


Jack said...

Hate to use this section about a older post, but the download for Pink Panther Strikes again is all wacky...I can only extract 2-14, and it says it can't create the file, blah blah blah. What is up with that? And all the Mac OSX stuff too.

ajm said...

Too bad Jack Davis didn't illustrate the ENTIRE book.

Dartman said...

Jack - I went back and checked and the file is fine. Try downloading it again.

Vigrx said...

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