Friday, November 19, 2010

World of Wonder Tag Sale!!!

Here it is, folks; the first ever tag sale here in the World of Wonder. All of these items are from my personal collection. Browse around and see if there's anything you like. To purchase anything just send a comment with the item you want to buy and both your e-mail and snail mail address. I will let you know A) if it is still available and B) How much your total is and where to send the money! Every order will get a free gift bonus item!!! And all proceeds will be going towards The Richard S Dart Memorial Arts Scholarship Fund. This will be going on until the items are sold or I feel like bringing them to Goodwill. If you buy more than one item, I will obviously combine shipping costs. And of course, as with any tag sale - offers are considered and usually accepted!!! Thanks and enjoy the tag sale!!!

Records: All $1.00 unless otherwise noted

Sheila E - Romance 1600

Urge Overkill - Saturation (Promo Copy Orange Vinyl)

Dolly Parton - Great Balls of Fire

Jack Jones - Nobody Does It Better (contains the theme from The Love Boat!)

Madness - One Step Beyond

Linda Ronstadt - Heart Like A Wheel

Donny And Marie - Goin' Coconuts Soundtrack

The Chipmunks - Chipmunk Punk (Radio Station Copy)

Curtain Up:Music and Plunk, Tinkle, Ting-A-Ling

Johnny Mathis - Merry Christmas

The Monkees (repackage of the Arista Greatest Hits LP on Sounds Superb Label. Features pictures from "Monkees At The Circus" episode on the cover) - $5.00

The Pandoras - Stop Pretending - $10.00

LP Grab Bag - a lot of 10 assorted records (I have many of these - it's a surprise as to what's inside!!!) - $3.00 each

CDs: All CDs are $3.00 unless listed otherwise

Prince - Graffiti Bridge

Dave Samuels - Natural Selection

Supercop Soundtrack - Features Tom Jones doing Kung Fu Fighting and Devo doing Head Like A Hole!

Chick Corea Akoustic Band

Frank Sinatra Sings His Greatest Hits (1997 remastered edition) - $5.00

Blue Man Group - Audio - $5.00

Frank Zappa - Civilization Phaze III - $15.00

Bobby Darin - The Capitol Years (Box Set) $10.00

John Zorn - Redbird - $5.00

DVDs: All $4.00 unless otherwise noted

Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story

Domino - Full Screen

Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle

Secrets of A Married Man - Starring Cybill Shepherd and William Shatner. Yes, I said Shatner!!!! - $1.00

Army of Darkness

Judgement At Nuremberg

The Alamo (original)

Carnival of Souls (original)

The Best of The Dean Martin Variety Show

Lars And The Real Girl (still in Shrinkwrap) - $6.00

The Road Warrior (Blu-Ray) - $8.00

I'm No Angel (Mae West) - $10.00

Belle of The Nineties (Mae West) - $10.00

The HIllsong Kids Live Worship - Tell The World - $1.00

Herbie Fully Loaded (still in shrinkwrap) - $5.00

Murder on Flight 502 - Starring Farrah Fawcett, Robert Stack and Sonny Bono! Yes, Sonny Bono!!!!! - $1.00

The Hangover - $6.00

Linda Lovelace For President - with Micky Dolenz!!!! - $1.00

Marc Bolan And T. Rex- Born To Boogie Special Edition - $10.00

Gene Autry - The Phantom Empire - Volume 2 - $1.00

Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe Volumes 2 & 3 - $.100

The Beatles Anthology Box Set - $15.00

The Man With No Name Trilogy Box Set - $10.00

Twin Peaks Season 1 Box Set - $5.00


Paperbacks:$.50 Each Unless Otherwise Noted

No One Here Gets Out Alive - Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman

Film Flubs

'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy

The Hunter - Christopher Keane

Wise Guy - Nicholas Pileggi

Paper Moon - Joe David Brown

After The Beep - Jonathon Winters

JACO - Bill Milkowski (with CD) -$3.00

Fields For President - WC Fields - $2.00

Hardcover: All are $1.00 Unless otherwise noted

Pet Semetary - Stephen King

David Lee Roth - Crazy From The Heat

Ranting Again - Dennis Miller

Fatherhood - Bill Cosby

The Road To Mars - Eric Idle

Book Grab Bag - A mixed bag of 10 books (I have several of these - Each one a surprise!!!) - $4.00

Odds and Ends

Box of plastic CD cases (there are a lot in here)- $5.00

VHS Video Grab Bag - Each bag contains ten videos - (I have many of these- Each one a surprise!!!) - $3.00 each

And there you have it!!! Happy Hunting!

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