Friday, November 19, 2010

"Beware The Beast, Batman . . ." or The Bookworm's Revenge!

I remember when Tim Burton's version of Batman came out in the 80s. It was huge! You couldn't go anywhere without seeing something to do with the movie. Not to mention that it was freaking awesome! After Burton left the franchise it went down hill until the new Batman films of the past few years. (personally, I thought "Batman Begins" was kind of lame. I did like "The Dark Knight, though). Anyway, one of the cooler items of memorabilia for the 80s version was a book on tape of the novelization of the screenplay. You would have thought that maybe Michael Keaton or even Kim Bassinger would be the one to read it. Nope. It was none other than, Cornelius himself, Roddy McDowall! Not to mention that Roddy was the Bookworm on the classic 60s television version of Batman! How cool is that? Find out for yourself when you listen to it. Here it is for all of your literary needs. Here is "Roddy McDowall Reads Batman". Enjoy!

Roddy McDowall Reads Batman

PS - If audio books interest you, stay tuned to The World of Wonder in the upcoming year as we unveil our newest feature: The World of Wonder Book Collection! You will love it!

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