Friday, June 25, 2010

When Children's Heros Go Disco Part 4

After the huge success that Sesame Street saw with its disco records, the Disney company jumped on the band wagon in 1979 with their own brand of children's disco. The result: Mickey Mouse Disco. As with "Sesame Street Fever", the album included disco-fied versions of Disney classics as well as new songs with a disco beat. Though it was late to the party, the album was fueled by a television ad campaign and as a result, went double platinum! I loved this album! In fact, when I was home from school for an extended sick leave due to chicken pox, I would crank this puppy up on the living room stereo, break out all of my stuffed animals and host my own disco every day! I even had bottles of apple juice that were my "beers" that I would drink "at the disco". (I was kind of a dork) Anyway, here is that album that I still own to this day. Enjoy!

Mickey Mouse Disco

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