Saturday, June 05, 2010

Finally A New Podcast!

I knew it had been a while since I put together a podcast but had no idea it was almost a year ago! I had started this podcast back in July of last year and just finished it last night. It's a special podcast in two ways. First, it features songs from soundtracks of both films and television shows. It's a wide variety of genres and eras so it covers a lot of ground. The other odd thing about this one is that it features absolutely no talking from me whatsoever. Some of you will be pleased to hear that I am sure but at the same time, there is no list of tracks either in print or in the podcast itself. Most of the songs are recognizable and whatever talking there is in the podcast is directly from soundtracks as well. Please enjoy this very special edition of Dartman's Whacky Podcast! Here is Dartman's Whacky Podcast #14: The Soundtrack Edition. Enjoy!

Podcast #14

1 comment:

Fabien MORISSET said...

Thank you for this new podcast.

I'll listen to it while walking in the woods of western France.

Already waiting for the next one.

Take care.

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