Monday, June 14, 2010

Faster, Funnier and Wilder

Last year I posted the soundtrack to Clint Eastwood's smash hit film, Every Which Way But Loose. The film, which many people advised Clint not to make because it would ruin his image, was such a huge success that it spawned a sequel entitled, "Any Which Way You Can". I had the pleasure of seeing this film in the theater with my parents and as much as I loved the movie, I couldn't help but love the guy that sat behind us even more. For some reason, whenever there was a fight scene, this guy thought he was in the movie as an extra in the crowd. He was constantly shouting out, "Get him, Philo! Come on! Hit him! Hit him hard!" While some people were obviously annoyed by this display, my father and I found it quite amusing and looked forward to more fight scenes where this young man could display his shouting prowess. An interesting bit of trivia about this film is that , Clyde, Philo's pet orangutan, looks a little bit different in this film than he did in the first. That's because the first Clyde had grown too big and was considered too dangerous to return to film work. So, they hired another orangutan to play the part. (On a sad note, AWWYC's Clyde died two weeks after filming was completed from a brain hemorrhage.) The soundtrack to this film is just as good as the movie and makes a great companion to the first film's soundtrack. Featuring great songs by Glen Campbell, Sondra Locke (still Clint's girl at the time), Fats Domino, Gene Watson, Johnny Duncan and two of my personal favorite songs: "Cow Patty" by Jim Stafford and the classic head scratching duet of Ray Charles and Clint Eastwood, "Bar Room Buddies". Here is that great soundtrack for you now. Enjoy!

Any Which Way You Can OST

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FilmFather said...

You just made my day.

I've been trying to find this soundtrack for years, ending up frustrated to see it only as an LP on Amazon.

Can't wait to listen to "The Good Guys and The Bad Guys" -- and, of course, "The Orangutan Hall of Fame."

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