Monday, October 01, 2007

October Is Upon Us!

Today is October 1 and that means we have 30 days until Halloween!! To do the just service of counting down the days until the spooktakular event, I will post nothing but spooky, fun Halloween-esque like posts all month long. Of course there will be my Funtastic Halloween Mix for this year but that will come soon enough. Today I thought we would start out with some monsters! The Sesame Street Monsters to be exact! This album haunted me for years. Not because I was scared by it or anything (it is a Sesame Street record!) but because I couldn't have it. When I was a kid in grade school, every so often they would have a book fair in the library. They would have all sorts of cool things besides books. I remember they had magazines and records as well. Every year, the Sesame Street Monsters record would be there to buy and every year I would want it. However, I was under strict rules from my father that I could only buy books at the book fair and not records (even as a child I couldn't keep away from records!) As the years went by I forgot all about this album. And then I saw it in a thrift store one day and the memories came rushing back. Suprisingly, it was in excellent condition. So naturally I bought it and of course had to share it with you! Let's start the scary month of October off with "Sesame Street Monsters"! Enjoy!

Sesame Street Monsters

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