Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Costumed Youth of The Dartman Part 2

As we continue on with the countdown ( I suddenly had a flashback of Casey Kasem) I give you another great store bought Halloween costume that once adorned my little boyish body back in the day. This time around it's Steve Austin, aka The Six Million Dollar Man! I was a huge fan of TSMDM and still am to this day! (waiting patiently for the DVDS to be released someday!). This was a cool costume because on the mask, it was very obvious to tell which eye was bionic and you kind of felt like you had a bionic eye because you were looking through an eye-hole cut out of a plastic mask! My mother still has a picture of me in this outfit with my sister in her outfit from when we marched in the town's Halloween Parade. I don't know if there were any other towns that did this, but in sunny Clinton, CT, they would have a Halloween Parade on a Saturday morning and all of the kids would march in costume where they were looked upon by the town. At the end you got a goodie bag of candy and treats like wax teeth and a statue of Dracula that had liquid in it. My father told me that the liquid was gross so I chose to leave the wax statue on my bourough until one day, in a fit of anger, I ripped the head off and then cried that I had ruined it. Good times! Speaking of the Six Million Dollar Man, in case you missed it, I posted the Power Records version of the series a while back. You can catch it here!

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Doc Bullfrog said...

LOL! I remember one Halloween we were allowed to dress up in school (I was in 2nd or 3rd grade at the time) and I had one of those store bought costumes you're talking about. Mine was C-3PO from Star Wars and it was LAME! I remember my teacher made me walk like a robot in the costume parade which took place in the school's gymnasium. There was at least three other kids with the same costume and we all walked together trying to out-do one another with our robot moves! I guess we got a little out of control because the teacher ended up yanking me out of the parade! I remember getting yelled at by my mom when I got home, but sadly, I don't remember what, exactly, I did to deserve it (which I'm sure I did--deserve it, that is).

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