Friday, September 28, 2007

Singles Collection: Celebrity Edition - Episode 9

Last night was a big night for all of us on the Avenue Q tour. In the audience were none other than Christpher Guest and Eugene Levy! After the show they came backstage and said Hi and we got the above picture taken with them. I got to talk to them a little and told them how much of an honor it was to meet Nigel Tufnel and one half of the Schmenge Brothers! Eugne Levy was tickled by the comment and thanked me and then they left and we all sat around and quoted their films for hours. Anyway, it brings me to todays post. Back in the mid 80s, SNL was not doing so well. But there were a few bright moments. One of them featured Christpher Guest and Billy Crystal as two nightwatchmen who would go on and on about how things hurt them and then they would always say "I hate when that happens." This skit became so big that they even recorded it with backing music for Crystal's album, "Marvelous". Here is the single version for you now. Enjoy!

Billy Crystal & Christopher Guest-I Hate When That Happens

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