Friday, November 20, 2009

The Best of The World of Wonder: Heavens To Emerald City, Wizards and Witches Even.

This is quite the treasure! Snagglepuss telling the story of The Wizard of Oz. Very ironic considering that Snagglepuss was based on Bert Lahr's interpretation of The Cowardly Lion. This album was released in 1977 and features not just the story but original songs including the Snagglepuss Theme and songs about The Scarecrow, The Wizard and The Wicked Witch. This is a lot of fun!

Snagglepuss and The Wizard of Oz


Dave said...

Thanks. Saves me from having to buy this one off ebay.


Katya Oddio said...

Thank you for sharing this one! It is on my shopping list, but I'm waiting until I can find one sorta cheap.

This 1977 record is a Columbia Records reissue of the 1965 Hanna-Barbera Records release #2026.

Boy, it is fun to hear Janet Waldo, the voice of Judy Jetson, as Dorothy! How about those distinctly H-B sound clips? This is great! Thanks again!

Wendel said...

If only we could find
"Alice in TV Land."

I had that record, AND saw the show, when I was a naive kid who did not know how valuable it would become.

Thank you for this excellent post.

Nathan McCorkle said...

Can you post a fresh download link?

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