Monday, February 13, 2012

"They're Cards, Jim!"

Sorry it's been a while since the last post, but things are hectic. Here is the final pack of cards for the 1976 TOPPS Star Trek Series. Complete with bonus stickers, this will make your set complete! (Of course, if you want the real deal, you can head to e-bay and spend a fortune on them - I prefer the cheap cyber way, myself. And hey, you can always print them out and collect them that way) Enjoy!

Star Trek 1976 Trading Cards Pack 6


yahwehfrk said...

First off thanks for sharing these. Secondly, you have 3 stickers and one card that are mislabeled as in there are already cards with those names. And the card itself (Charlie) should be labeled "startrek22". Also I think I had that calendar when I was young.

dommromm said...

I appreciate this alot!

But you mentioned that this was the complete set. Other sites state that this set is 88 cards total but your set only has 48 cards.

This is very confusing :(

Dartman said...

You are absolutely correct! I am a complete idiot! I totally forgot that I had another file of the cards. I only posted the first half. Oops. Stay tuned for the rest. Sorry about that!

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