Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Best of The World of Wonder:The TV Guide Fall Preview circa 1978

There was a time when the first days of the fall were looked upon with eageriness in the world of television. TV Guide usually came out with their Fall Preview Issue and that was all a television junkie needed to keep themselves occupied for the next month. The fall preview showcased all of the new and returning shows on all three networks (remember, these were the great days of only ABC, CBS and NBC. All other channels were just reruns and old movie). Each show got its own page complete with a synopsis, promo photo and air dates. It was beautiful!
Which brings me to today's sharity.Here for you now, from the golden decade of the 70s comes the Peter Pan Records' "Themes From Hit TV Shows". This was a favorite album of mine then and now. It features studio musicians doing their versions of the popular themes of the day including Welcome Back Kotter, Happy Days, MASH, Chico and The Man, SWAT, Laverne & Shirley and Baretta among others. I present it for you now in all of it's original glory! Enjoy!

Themes From Hit TV Shows

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