Sunday, May 23, 2010

Marvel Strikes Back

I remember being a kid and going shopping at a mall with my parents. My dad and I hit the record and book stores while my mom and sister went looking for girlie items. At the book store, I used my allowance money that I had saved up to purchase the paperback version of the Marvel Super Special of The Empire Strikes Back. A book I still own to this day. When I excitedly showed my mom and sister, my sister's response was "Why would you waste your money on that?". At this, my dad came to my defense with "He found a bargain. It was on sale and he saved a dollar. That's smart shopping." In all fairness, that was coincidence. I just bought it because I wanted it and I had money in my pocket. But I still appreciated my dad coming to my defense. Now that my sister has a 6 year old who is obsessed with Star Wars, I always smile smugly and get a great feeling when I happen to see the occasional Star Wars item that she spent HER money on. Anyway, I share that incredible Marvel comic super special with you now! Enjoy!

Marvel Super Special Comic-The Empire Strikes Back


Kristin said...

Hi Dartman- thanks SOO very much for your Empire Celebration Posts!! you funny that your sister gets payback all these years later-.."the ways of the Force" ;)

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