Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Best of The World of Wonder: Come In Zebra 3

I love Starsy and Hutch and own the entire seires on DVD. Watching the shows brings back fond memories of Saturday nights when I was young. A regular Saturday night was going to Church followed by dinner at McDonalds, Burger King or Roy Rogers and then off to my aunt and uncle's where my dad, uncle, cousin and grandfather would sit in the living room watching television while my mom, sister, aunt and grandmother hung out in the kitchen. I couldn't tell you what the conversations in the kitchen were, but I knew the ABC Saturday night line-up very well. Starsky and Hutch at 8, The Love Boat at 9 (that always seemed like a two hour show for some reason) and Fantasy Island at 10. My dad loved Starsky and Hutch just as much as I did and even owned two of David Soul's albums, which I am proud to have inherited. Watching the shows now brings mixed feelings. It makes me sad to watch them without him, but it also reminds me of the great times we had watching them together. Today's post is for my dad. It's David Soul (Hutch) singing his heart out on his first album, "David Soul".

  • David Soul

    nomwl1 said...


    Wasn't sure what to expect and was only familiar with his hit, 'Don't Give Up On Us' from the album, but it was much folkier than I was expecting and was pleasantly surprised. Thanks so much for the album.

    Anonymous said...

    I remember him when he first started and he appeared on the Lloyd Thaxton Show. He came out wearing a Lone Ranger type mask and gave some absolute nonsense about why he wore it. Luckily I don't remember anything else.

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