Thursday, December 24, 2009

The 25 Posts of Christmas: Christmas With Mickey Rooney

In 1979, Mickey Rooney stepped into a recording studio to cut a Christmas album. The album was home produced, available by mail order only, and even included a letter with each copy on Mickey's own stationery (home address included on the letterhead). In addition to classic Christmas fare, it also included a few of Rooney's own compositions such as "Mr. Wha-Da-Ya-Want", "Mickey's New Year", and "The Gift". Throughout the entire album, Mickey alternates between singing, screaming, and some deeply creepy weird kiddie like voices. It's also interesting to note that the songs are extremely short with an average of two minutes per song. Originally released with a cover with vintage Christmas tree ornaments on it, it was re released a few years later with a picture of Mickey in long underwear. For what reason this was done I have no idea. But I do know it is quite entertaining. Here is "Merry Merry Micklemas". Enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Mickey Rooney-Merry Merry Micklemas

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