Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas In The World of Wonder: Christmas Mix #1

Here is the first of three different Christmas Mixes I made for this year. It features some greats, some strange and just some. Hope you enjoy it. Keep on the lookout for the other two and also for mixes from the last two years as well! Enjoy!

Dartman's 2008 Christmas Mix #1


Quixotience said...

Thanks for the mix. Sounds great, but did you really mean to include NO artist/title info?

Anonymous said...

Can we get a song list and artist list? hellosweetp@hotmail.com Thanks, PW

Sweetp said...

Please post sings and artists for this mix. Thks, PW

Dartman said...

Sorry about the lack of song list and artist. This was made so long ago that I don't remember what songs were put on it. My christmas collection is so extensive that I can't just listen to it and know what the songs are. Sorry.

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