Friday, February 22, 2008

The Muffs Head To Outer Space

I've talked about The Muffs before. They are one of my all time favorite bands and I have the utmost pleasure of having lead singer/songwriter Kim Shattuck as one of my good friends. In fact, her and I recorded one of my original songs back in September. It's been sitting on her computer ever since. Then I got the e-mail a couple of days ago: Kim's hard drive died and the whole thing got lost. Oh well. I do have a rough mix of what was already layed down so at least I have something. Anyway, here's a great video of Kim and the other two Muffs, Ronnie Barnett and Roy McDonald from a Drew Carey HBO special. It's hard to believe but it was taped in 1997. Over ten years ago. It still rocks! Here's the Muffs with "Outer Space". Enjoy!

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BenT said...

Thanks for the vid. You're quite the lucky man, indeed. The Muffs are fantastic. One of my best Concert memories is from the mid-90s, when I had tickets to see the Muffs opening for No Doubt in Philly.
On the drive down to the show, we heard on the radio that Gwen Stefani was sick so No Doubt wouldn't be going on. To my delight, the other acts decided to go on with the show, and The Muffs became the headliners. I was psyched , because I was going mainly to see The Muffs anyway.

At the door, they were offering full refunds, or half refunds if you wanted to stay and see what was left of the show. Great!. I got six bucks of my ticket fee back, and The Muffs did a set three times as long as they would have otherwise. I used the extra cash and had a couple extra beers at the show!

Great Night!

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