Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Best of The World of Wonder: Feed Me!!!

At the time of the original posting of this, I was playing in the pit orchestra for a local high school version of "The Little Shop of Horrors". I love the musical but nothing compares to the original 1959 Roger Corman film version! It is amazing and features great performances from Jonathon Haze, Jackie Joseph, Dick Miller and a then-unknown actor by the name of Jack Nicholson. The soundtrack is by Fred Katz and is jsut as amazing as the film itself! It was released on Rhino records in 1984 but alas, is currently out-of-print. Here is that soundtrack! Oh, by the way, don't feed the plants!

  • Little Shop Soundtrack

    Lee Hartsfeld said...

    Many thanks! I had no idea the Katz soundtrack had ever been released!

    Yes, Haze was fabulous in that role. Nicholson, too. I watched two minutes of the new movie before turning it off....


    Ben T. said...

    Hey, Thanks! I love the weird pop culture stuff!

    nomwl1 said...

    Another great share! Thanks for making this available.

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