Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Weird Science Re-Up!

On June 23 I posted the soundtrack to the great 80s film, "Weird Science". After receiving numerous complaints about the file not opening, I tried to download and unzip it myself, only to find that it was true: the file was corrupt. As a result, I posted a comment saying that I was on tour and was unable to re-up it for a while. Due to some amazing circumstances, I was able to re-up the file and bring you the restored version. So, here for you now is the soundtrack to "Weird Science"! (I've also gone back to the original post and changed it there too!) enjoy!

Weird Science OST


Anonymous said...

Dude, once again, an awesome set of tracks. Thanks for giving it another try!

Loki said...

Thanks for this of my all time fav movies and great soundtrack.

Si said...

Thankyou thankyou thankyou. Been without this OST with the cracking "circle" song for 2 years after I dropped my external HD with all my music on it :-( just couldn't find this one anywhere. Nice one!!

Anonymous said...

thank you!

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