Friday, August 24, 2007

Louis Live!

Here's my third and last Louis Prima post this month. It is an amazing live record recorded at the height of Louis' fame back in the late fifties. Louis and his partner/wife, Keeley Smith, had multi-million dollar contracts with both the Sahara and the Desert Inn at Las Vegas. They played there exclusively every night of the week. The shows were always sell outs and no two performances were ever the same. To get a little taste of this excitement to the rest of the world, Capitol Records recorded one of their shows at the Sahara and released it as "Las Vegas - Prima Style". The result is a party on a platter. It's obvious that this is only part of the live show and the cuts are noticable. And there are sections where the song sounds like they may have cut out a solo or two (common practice in LP days). However, this is still a must have for any fan of Louis Prima. This is the real "Wildest". Enjoy!

Las Vegas-Prima Style


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the primo Prima!

I've often heard a rare song of his called "Pizza and Beer" on WFMU. Do you happen to know on what album it can be found?

Thanks again,
Chuckie Jo

the jazzman said...

Thanks for the Prima albums.

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