Monday, June 11, 2007

Paul Lynde For The Win!

The last post of Mel Brooks' film music had ironic timing. AMC played Young Frankenstein on their "DVD TV" series last night and I found out today, that the musical version of YF is opening in November! Interesting! It also made me think of one of my favorite albums. This was originally owned by my father and then passed down to me when I started hosting my own radio show in college. The show was a Dr. Demento type show that featured comedy records and song parodies. In between the songs, I would play random short snippets from this album. What album am I talking about, you ask? Why Zingers From The Hollywood Squares, of course! This is from the seventies incarnation of Hollywood Squares. (Thank god. I didn't care too much for the 90s revival) It features all of the regulars from that era including the center square, Paul Lynde. It also features some great remarks from Burt Reynolds, Charo, Rich Little and many others. How does this tie in with the last post? It also features Mel Brooks! Here it is for you now to listen and love as I have over the years. Enjoy!

Zingers From The Hollywood Squares


terryinwva said...

thanks so much for this. i have an old worn out paperback of zingers from hollywood squares that i'll still pull out and read every few years. paul lynde got off quite a few good ones.

Dartman said...

We used to have that book as well.

Tony said...

Hey Dartman!

Host Peter Marshall's autobiography "Backstage with the Original Hollywood Square" actually includes this album on CD. Unfortunately the book is out of print. I haven't listened to the version of this that you have, but if you want a copy of this one, let me know.

Way Out Junk

Dave said...

I see there are a bunch of those books with CD included available on amazon. I just ordered one for $2.52 that includes the CD. Thaks for the heads up on it.

Jay said...

I recently learned that the Young Frankenstein soundtrack LP from '74 is actually a story album like the Airplane! soundtrack - a lot of dialogue and sound effects from the movie inbetween some music cues. Worth looking for (once you know its out there to be looked for!)

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