Sunday, August 12, 2012

See You On The Road in November!


Tony in SC said...

Hi Dartman: I'm a first-time visitor who found you from searching 'Monkees Rarities' after picking up some great collectibles yesterday that I found just 3 weeks ago, before getting an email announcement on The Monkees' tour from Rhino. I've been a lifelong fan & saw their TV show debut when I was 6 years old.
I spent the summer of 2011 totally immersed in listening to and catching up on The Monkees music and every book I could find, and loved very minute of it! I was even depressed when the fall came and their Anniversary Tour ended, thinking that was their final chapter. This reunion news is amazing, and I envy your 'insider' status at being witness to it. I've saved this site in my 'favorites' and will be checking in regularly.
The collectible I just bought is the Meet The Monkees debut LP with the mis-printed 'Papa Jean's Blues' on the cover and label. It's in near-mint condition, w/ original shrinkwrap and a 'Discount Price' sticker (reduced to $2.79 from $3.79)! I got it for $40 from an antique store in N Augusta, GA, and I've read that this is highly collectible.
I would write more, but have bad luck at posting comments on new sites, then I lose all I typed and get all Randy Scouse Git, so I'll sign off here.
I'm looking forward to digging deep into this Wonderous site!

Anonymous said...

no new england dates :(

i sure hope they have more dates seen the monkees at least 5 times but never with mike nesmith its to bad it took a death to bring this together

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