Saturday, August 27, 2011

Battening Down The Hatches

Sorry there haven't been too many posts this month. I've been extremely busy with a lot of things and this weekend finds us in waiting for Hurricane Irene. If we get hit the way people are expecting us to, I may be out of power for a while. So what better day to post than the day before we get hit. Today I share with you an album that has been in my collection for as long as I can remember. It's sort of a concept album. It's Jeannie C. Riley's "Harper Valley PTA". The song was a huge hit for Riley and spawned a ton of sound a likes and copy cat records but it was this album that took the idea to a whole new level. Not all of the tracks deal with the characters from the original song but most of them do. The underlying theme being that people in glass houses should not throw stones. And as with all concept albums and soundtracks and shows, the main theme shows up a lot. And to date, this complete album has not seen the light of the digital age. A compilation of hits with the same title and cover art has been released but not this particular album. Here is that album that I have had the pleasure of listening to for the past 40 years. Here is "Harper Valley PTA". Enjoy!

Jeannie C Riley-Harper Valley P.T.A.


R.A.M.'67 said...

There is also the 1996 "HVP" CD from Sun Records (holders of the Plantation masters) that offered only 8 songs from the album rather than the proper 11. Why they offered a shortened version of the LP still boggles my brain. (You know they're playing it cheap with a budget release when they don't offer a COMPLETE version of something advertised as a "Country Classic"!)

Thanks for sharing this, and I hope you get through the hurricane okay!

Anonymous said...

Gawd, that is a blast from the past... I was very, very young when my mom said we were trekking it to Angola, Indiana to see someone called "Jeannie C. Riley" at a little place called Buck Lake Ranch, a kind of corn-fed amusement park and small, wooden-benched venue for country music.

zigzagwanderer said...

Familiar with the single but never knew of the existence of the album , great fun !!

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