Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Lost Member of The A-Team

I just recently started re-watching season one of the A-Team (one of my all time favs) and realized that I had a celebrity album on deck for quite some time. The reason I thought of it was the connection to the famed television series. You see, at the end of the fourth season of the A-Team, the powers that be thought that adding a new member to the team would boost ratings (yep, the cousin Oliver scenario!). The final episode featured the lovely Tia Carrere being added to the team. However, when the show returned for it's fifth and final (and worst) season, there was no Tia and no explanation as to her whereabouts. The first episode of the fifth season is pretty cool but from there it goes downhill. One can only wonder what might have been if Tia had been kept on.(truth be told, Tia was a cast member on General Hospital and they wouldn't relieve her of her contract to work on The A-Team) Anyway, Tia has shown up in a lot of places since then, from acting in films like True Lies, Wayne's World, High School High, Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man and Lilo & Stitch to working in numerous television shows, most recently in the great HBO series, Curb Your Enthusiasm. In addition, she has a very prosperous singing career. In 1993, her first solo album, Dream, was released, and went platinum in the Philippines. That same year, she was featured on the soundtrack of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, performing the ending theme, "I Never Even Told You". She won a Grammy Award in 2009 for her third album 'Ikena, and took home yet another one in 2011 for her album "Huana Ke Aloha." Not bad for a girl who was kicked off of "Star Search" on her first appearance! Here is her debut album from 1993. Here is Tia Carrere and Dream. Enjoy!

Tia Carrere-Dream

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