Monday, January 05, 2009

Fun In The Studio

Continuing with my "mini-marathon" of Elvis posts, I present to you "Fun In Acapulco:Master & Session". This comes from a series of bootlegs that all carry the title "Master & Session". Basically, this is the entire recording session for the soundtrack to "Fun In Acapulco". It features every take of every song followed by the master take that was released. It's really cool in that you get to see the process which Elvis and the band go through when recording the song. This particular session is from January 22, 1963 and has Elvis recording 7 different songs that would eventually be the soundtrack to the film. It's interesting to hear the first take and then listen to the final mix, which in some cases, are a few different takes spliced together. This technique has been used since the dawn of tape recording. It is so easy to do now with computers but back then they actually had to splice the tape in the exact spot or they would ruin the entire project. Anyway, here is Elvis in the studio recording "Bossa Nova Baby" and others for "Fun In Acapulco". Enjoy!

Elvis-Fun In Acapulco Master & Session
Elvis-Fun In Acapulco Master & Session (part 2)


Anonymous said...

This Is Very Good, And The Movie Was Very Good To, Sad That The Years Went On With Elvis Getting Junk To Put On The Big Screen.

The Greek said...

I've loved "Bossa Nova Baby" since I was given a stack of old 45s from my aunt when I was a kid, and it's great to hear the multiple takes as presented here, in absolutely stunning sound quality.

Great set, and thanks for a-postin' it.

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