Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alex and Annie Can Help You Through It

Here's another one of those great "in-betweeners" that they used to run on Saturday Mornings. This is from 1979 and the ABC network. Here's "Dear Alex and Annie". I still sing this theme song! Enjoy!


Dane said...

Oh my gosh, I thought I was the last one alive who remembered this!

Robert said...

Oh boy, I remember these! At the time, I thought they were so deep and really helpful. Now it seems more than a little facetious to break into goofy song that surely aren't going to help anyone. I bet the poor girl stuck with detention was told by the teacher, "Tough noogies, you're still stuck with punishment."

ajm said...

I'll take Alex and Annie over Dr. Laura and Dr. Phil five days out of seven.

Confessions of a Con Medic said...

My earliest memory of show was when they did a segment about a older sister who was frustrated with her younger brother. They happily sung how she was in the right and the lil brother could more or less piss up a rope. To which my sister smugly turned to me and revealed that it was she who wrote the letter to them about me!.
That was in 1979 and 30 years later it still stuck with me, I always felt a sting of smite because of that or maybe because good Alex and Annie never had the other side of the story that was my sister was PANTS ON HEAD RETARDED!!! You think i was bad!? I wasnt the one who nearly drove our mother in the mad house with her constant whiney and bitching and acting out, Why didn't she tell Alex and Annie why she ran away almost 6 fucking times in a single year! She's the one who was bat shit insane and she had the never to rat me out on national television!?
I honestly want to write to Alex and Annie myself and tell them my side of that story, not like it will matter but would give me some small token of vindication. If anything to get it off my back, i have been carrying around this for way too fucking long and want to chunk it off the deep end!! ( Did i mention my sister was PANTS ON HEAD RETARDED!?)
Alex and Annie may have helped their share of pimply faced pre pubescents in their day but like the exasperated Chinese zookeeper said to the last panda on earth..

FUCK THAT!!!!!!!!

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