Sunday, October 19, 2008

They're Coming For You Barbara

The Night of The Living Dead is one of my all time favorite horror flicks. I refuse to watch the remake or any of the other "Living Dead" rip-off films that have followed, but the original Romero classic will always hold a place in my heart. The music adds just as much as the visuals so I thought that I would share the soundtrack album with you. Here is the complete soundtrack album originally released in 1982. Funny how they never released this back in the 60s when the film came out. Since the 82 release, there have been two other releases featuring more and more music that wasn't on the original release. This however is the 1982 album on Varese Saraband. Here it is for your frightful listening! Enjoy!

Night of The Living Dead OST

BONUS: Here's the complete film for your enjoyment:


Anonymous said...

There are at least two other films that use the same library music, with The Hideous Sun Demon being one that I can recall by name. I don't think the film had a big following in the '60s to the level that an LP might've been released then (remember, it was made in PA for under $200,000, and badly distributed), whereas by about '72 it was an underground classic. Still, the horror soundtrack market then was rather tiny.

The Greek said...

I had the pleasure of watching this recently on the big screen at the Riverside Drive-In's annual Monsterama show near Pittsburgh. It was great watching this in the out-of-doors, not terribly far from where it was filmed.

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