Sunday, January 28, 2007

Singles Collection:Celebrity Edition - Episode 2

Smokey & The Bandit is a classic movie that helped make Jerry Reed's "East Bound & Down" become a classic American anthem. The sequel tried hard to duplicate the original's success but it just couldn't hold up. One of the weirdest parts of the film has the Bandit hawking a new single he's recorded entitled, "Let's Do Something Cheap & Superficial". You never get to hear it in the movie but it did make the soundtrack as well as a release on a single of it's own. Here it is in all of it's Burt Reynolds glory. Enjoy!

Burt Reynolds - Let's Do Something Cheap & Superficial

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Anonymous said...

didnt Burt do a full album of tunes? any chance you might have that to share?

thanks for everything you post!

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