Monday, September 06, 2010

The Best of The World of Wonder: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Bertrille

Back in November of 2006 I posted this great album by a singing nun. Not "The Singing Nun" mind you but a nun named Bertrille. That's right, The Flying Nun. This album came out during the run of the show and features Sally Field singing various songs as Sister Bertrille. The songs have a great bounce to them and Sally does a great job with them. In fact she even cracked the Billboard Hot 100 with the single, "Felicidad." From 1967 - Enjoy!

The Flying Nun


Esther said...

Hi! I posted this one on Oct.11 on my blog, too! Gee - both Cheryl Ladd AND the Flying Nun - what are the odds??? I think I'm in love! :-)

Larry said...

Another great post.

I uploaded this album a while ago for members of my Yahoo Groups Colgems site ( and my Colgems blog ( Although not a great album, it has its moments. I have been trying to get Colgems stuff legitimately rereleased (non-Monkees material), and have run into nothing but brick walls. But the label is highly collectible.

Keep up the great work.

Larry L.

Dartman said...

Hey Esther!
Great Blog! How weird is it that we both posted the same albums! I also have the second Cheryl Ladd LP, "Dance Forever". I'm on the orad right now but I'll be home soon and I plan on digitizing that and posting it soon. I'll also post your blog on my list of links!

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