Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hoberreeba-Soben-Puddin' Pop!!!!

I'm interrupting the singles posts to give you guys this fantastic album! A lot of people have heard Bill Cosby's album entitled "Hooray For The Salvation Army Band" but not too many people know about his first album. "Silver Throat: Bill Cosby Sings" came out in 1967 at the height of Cosby's "I-SPY" fame! The back cover proclaims that it is a "rocking soul album" but the first side features a more country flavor with covers of three Jimmy Reed songs. The most surprising thing of all is that Cosby had a hit his first time out of the gate. He took Stevie Wonder's "‘Uptight" and reconfigured it with a new (funny) lyric and got himself a top 40 hit in September of 1967. I present it for you now in it's original pristine stereo sound!

Silver Throat (rapidshare link)


f. said...

Seems to be only the second half of the rekkid. Any intentions of putting out the first side?

(And the YouSendIt link is dead.)

mrdantefontana said...

f. - It is indeed the whole rekkid.
And here is the YouSendIt link:

Dartman said...

the You Send It Link is fixed!
(and Dante's right - it is the whole album)

nomwl1 said...

Thanks so much for the album! The sound is great.

Anonymous said...

Dude! Like, do you have the record where he like, ya know, kinda like, talks to kids about drugs?!!!

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